Lorde Lays it All on the Table for ‘Fashion Magazine’ Cover

The 20-year-old lands the cover of this September's issue

It can be difficult for artists to follow up a hit album with a new one. Aside from the tremendous pressure that’s placed on the artist by their fans and music label to live up to the hype, there’s also the struggle to begin.

Lorde spoke about this struggle in a recent interview with Fashion Magazine, where she will be gracing the front cover of their September issue. The 16-year-old who completely redefined what it means to make pop music with her debut album is now 20 and wise beyond her years. She spoke with Fashion Magazine about the making of Melodrama and her experience growing up in the music industry.

“The main thing is that you’re the only one who has to go home and still be you and live with what you’ve done that day,” she told Fashion Magazine. “And so when it comes to making a decision about something, if people say I should go a certain way, I think, ‘You guys get to go home and take off the hat; I never get to take off the hat.’”


Posted by FASHION Magazine on Tuesday, August 1, 2017