Lorde May Have Had an Instagram Account Dedicated to Reviewing Onion Rings

This doesn't surprise us at all

Fans are speculating that Lorde may have ran her own Instagram account where she exclusively reviewed onion rings.

According to an article from Newshub, the onion ring account had a solid 24 followers, including Lorde, as well as people associated with Lorde, such as Jimmy Mac, Justin Warren, and Maddy Budd.

According to the investigative work done by Newshub, Lorde’s fans are e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y dedicated, given that people have actually done side-by-side comparisons of Lorde’s hands with the hands pictured on the Instagram account holding the deep-fried delicacies.

Here’s where it gets weird: the locations of the posts correlate with Lorde’s geographical status, including a post of an onion ring that was eaten on a flight from Tennessee to New York and was posted on the following Tuesday in New Zealand time…the same Tuesday following Lorde’s performance at Bonnaroo. Another post was made north of London the day after Lorde’s performance at Radio1’s Big Weekend in Yorkshire.


The account was also taken down immediately after Newshub contacted Lorde’s publicists about it.

It also wouldn’t surprise any of us if Lorde actually did run an onion ring review account, which speaks for itself.