Lorde’s David Bowie Tribute Is the Best One Yet

New Zealand singer got the official nod of approval from Bowie's son

Since the passing of music legend David Bowie earlier last month, the global music community has been in deep mourning. Being the creative forces they are, some of the biggest names in music have celebrated the life of the late great Starman by covering his most influential songs.

However, last month’s Grammy Awards held a controversial tribute performance by Lady Gaga, that many were unhappy with. Bowie’s own son Duncan Jones tweeted his displeasure about the cover, cryptically calling out the pop singer for an exaggerated and “overexcited” display:

Last night’s Brit Awards held a very different kind of tribute. New Zealand solo artist Lorde took to the stage after a short instrumental medley, combining with the band for a tasteful rendition of “Life on Mars?”.

Duncan Jones again took to twitter, instead this time thanking the performer, calling the tribute a “beautiful” performance.

Watch the tribute video below:

What do you think, did Lorde have the better performance? Let us know in the comments.

Main image courtesy of Brit Awards