Lorde’s “Royals” Banned From San Fran Radio

San Fran radio stations won't be showing any love to "Royals"

Apparently Lorde wrote her ridiculously popular anthem “Royals” after seeing a National Geographic magazine with Kansas City Royals’ third baseman George Brett gracing the cover.

You’ve heard the song, you know it has nothing to do with baseball at all, but still San Francisco radio stations are refusing to play it while their San Fran Giants prepare to battle the KC Royals next week. San Fran’s KFOG Radio and 96.5 KOIT will not play “Royals” until one team has been crowned champions.

“Our listeners told us to do it, so we did it,” station programer Brian Figula said in a statement.

Well, Kansas City wasn’t going to take this lying down. 99.7 The Point will play “Royals” every hour on the hour from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night on the first day of the series (Tuesday).

Game on.