LoriAnn’s Top Earworm Songs

Minutes, hours, even days - these songs make their way into your head and there's no escape

You just can’t help it, it’s out of your control! There are just some songs that get stuck in your head no matter what. The worst is, most of the time you don’t even LIKE the song, but it’s in there for minutes, hours, even days, and there is no escape! Oh and we’re screwed because earworms affect musicians and music lovers (that’s us!) the most. Here are some of the worst:

Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy: It’s back! It was an old earworm but now that it’s in a bread commercial (I love the commercial to bits actually) this song has now become an earworm again for the first time in a decade

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby: Especially when you have this part stuck: “To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal, Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle.” and your mouth can’t say it as fast as your brain. Brutal.

Daft Punk – Around the World and/or Get Lucky: Hear it once, randomly belt out a line or two for the rest of the day, guaranteed. The Get Lucky lyrics could make for an awkward moment if it slips out at the wrong time.

Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline: It’s not even the lyrics, it’s the DA DA DAAAAA that we all add in that stays for days.

Soeur Sourire – Dominique: Forgot about this gem until it appeared on an episode of American Horror Story Asylum… sorry.


Honourable Mentions:

Baha: Who Let The Dogs Out

Skee-Lo: I Wish

The Muppets: Mahna Mahna

Lambchop: This Is The Song That Never Ends