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Low Budget Christmas Traditions From Around The Globe

Maybe it’s the cold weather keeping you indoors for too long or maybe it’s the round-the-clock boozing, but people get weird during the holidays. Check out these low budget Christmas traditions from around the world.

Caga Tió

In Catalonia, “Caga Tió” means “shitting log”, so on Christmas Eve, families dress up a piece of wood, and sing songs while they beat it with sticks, until it poops out presents.


Instead of Santa Claus, Italian children wait for Befana the witch to show up with sweets and toys. No chimney required, she’s coming in through the window.

The Throwing of the Shoe

Want to know if you’ll be getting married in the next year? Throw a shoe at the door. In the Czech Republic, if the toe lands pointing to the door, it means you’re getting hitched.

The Burning Goat

The Swedish town of Gavle erects a forty foot tall goat made of straw every year, and every year vandals burn it down. It’s happened for the past 27 YEARS! Why do they keep building it??

The Christmas Pickle

An American tradition, families hide a pickle in the tree and the first one to find it on Christmas morning gets a gift. Use a real pickle instead of an ornament to give your living room the festive smell of pickle brine.

(Main photo by: Ian Carvell via Flickr)

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