Lowell Is Not Afraid To Share Her Past In New Interview

Lowell dives into her interesting past in new interview with Rolling Stone

Toronto indie pop artist Lowell has no problem letting you into her life. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, she shared the story of how she got to be the person she is today.

Inspired by Madonna, David Bowie and Kanye West, Lowell has big expectations for herself and strives to be absolutely huge in the industry. She explains:

“Those are the people that I look up to, and I feel like there’s no reason why I can’t achieve what they’ve achieved and more – because I know that I’m really gifted in a very unique way.”

At the young age of just 22 years old, her past also includes stripping and creating music for the Backstreet Boys. Needless to say she’s an incredibly interesting act, and she brings all of her experience into her music – making it uniquely catchy. Her debut record Loved Her Dearly will be released on September 16th through Arts & Crafts, and you can see her live by winning tickets to Indie88’s first birthday party!