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Lowell reflects on her youth with nostalgic new single ‘Caroline’

Lowell has made her return with a dreamy, nostalgic new single, “Caroline.”

The piano-driven pop ballad sees Lowell reflecting on her youth. Throughout “Caroline,” she paints pictures of memories of grass stains and pool parties. The new tune serves as the perfect glimpse of a coming-of-age moment, and it comes from her forthcoming full-length album.

“Caroline is both a nostalgic take on my childhood, while at the same time a cynical view on how wasted my youth was in the hands of my teenage self (an insecure, closet bi, miserable kid trying to fit in – all while pissing off my parents),” Lowell says. “It’s hard not to roll my eyes at 14 year old me for how much time I spent wanting to be someone or somewhere else, not knowing those would be the freest and most memorable years of my life. Still in the end I’m not sure I can truly say it was wasted.”

Listen to “Caroline” below.

“If I could go back in time I’d probably still roll down those same hills and climb out the same windows,” Lowell adds. “And although I like to think I’ve grown out of my insecurities I imagine I would still probably spend most of my time pining over that popular girl, not knowing if I want to kiss her or be her. So maybe I haven’t changed that much after all.”

Lowell is set to release a full-length album in 2022.

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