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Lucy Dacus shares beautiful live performance video for ‘Going Going Gone’

Lucy Dacus has released a beautiful live performance video for her Home Video track “Going Going Gone.”

The “Live at Spang” video sees Dacus and her backing band performing the intimate track in a circle. With stunning lighting, the video fits the vulnerable tune perfectly. Dacus and co.’s performance of “Going Going Gone” is sure to get you emotional. It boasts some sweet guitar lines and even sweeter vocals.

The musicians deliver captivating harmonies, adding a tender edge to the relatable lyricism. Throughout the performance, Dacus delivers lines like, “The sunset threw a tantrum. / It wasn’t ready to go just yet. / Mother Earth said, ‘Time for bed’/ It resisted and the sky went red.”

Watch the live performance video for “Going Going Gone” below.

About Home Video:

“Going Going Gone” was definitely a standout on Dacus’ nostalgic record Home Video.

The 11-track album serves as her third full-length record. Overall, the record is inspired by Dacus’ coming-of-age in Richmond, Virginia. The album is the follow-up to 2018’s Historian. Taking on the format of a memoir, Dacus offers snapshots of specific moments of her growing up. Dacus reflects on learning about the complexity of emotions and relationships.

“A lot of the album examines navigation of self and how it evolves, and Lucy and I have often talked about bodies, the part they play in our ideation of self, and both connection and disconnection to them,” Leong adds. “We arrived at this world where her physical self is being distorted by the landscape that she’s present in, both in a beautiful and slightly uncanny way. One of the reasons I find animation and music compelling is the freedom in world building, the ability to translate story and tone, and synthesize it into a visual landscape using imagery that isn’t necessarily rooted in reality. And although I was treating this video like a diptych or braided essay with the song, rather than an overt visual depiction, I was able to make some subtle but direct references to the lyrics as well, so I’m excited for people to find those.”

Revisit Home Video below.

Home Video was released via Matador Records.

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