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Luke LaLonde | Forty Creek Black Box Sessions

Lead singer of the acclaimed indie-rock band Born Ruffians and prolific songwriter Luke Lalonde released his second solo album The Perpetual Optimist late last year. Taking musical inspiration from his Americana favourites like Roger Miller and John Prine, the jangly, lo-fi new record revolves around concern for the state of the planet, “providing breaths of fresh air amongst the perceived chaos,” according to a statement.

When chatting about the album, LaLonde explains that he frequently finds himself ending up in cemeteries, finding inspiration to write lyrics and poems. “So as I sit surrounded by decaying corpses and summer skies, waiting for a muse, I’ve realized, that’s what the record is about, more or less,” LaLonde explains in a statement. “I sense we’re all bound for that eternal rest. My pen hovers above the page and I think about humanity in the 21st century, suspended on a wire in a hurricane.”

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