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LUMP find their inner ‘Animal’ on sophomore album

Laura Marling and Tunng’s Mike Lindsay have returned with their sophomore album as LUMP, Animal, via Partisan/Chrysalis.

The new album serves as the follow-up to their 2018 self-titled debut. The 10-track album sees LUMP truly pushing every boundary they can. The experimental tunes weave in and out of genres with ease. Lyrically, Marling sings of primal features like blood, hair, and dirt, as she delivers some impressive vocal melodies.

“There’s a little bit of a theme of hedonism on the album, of desires running wild,” Lindsay explains. “We created LUMP as a sort of persona and an idea and a creature. Through LUMP we find our inner animal, and through that animal we travel into a parallel universe.”

Stream Animal below.

The perfectly off-kilter album is entirely unpredictable. From the soothing, blissful opener, “Bloom At Night,” to the captivating closer, “Phantom Limb,” LUMP will keep you on your toes.

Animal features previously released singles like “Gamma Ray,” “We Cannot Resist,” “Climb Every Wall,” and the title track.

“LUMP is so the repository for so many things that I’ve had in my mind and just don’t fit anywhere in that way,” Marling explains of the side project. “They don’t have to totally make narrative sense, but weirdly they end up making narrative sense in some way.”

“We Cannot Resist” is a standour. The gritty, anthemic instrumental juxtaposes the eerie whispered vocals perfectly.

“It wants to be this massive pop track, but it’s been twisted,” Lindsay explains of “We Cannot Resist.” “I like that when the chorus comes in you’re like ‘Wow!’ It’s this huge pop chorus, but then it becomes really creepy with the whispered ‘We cannot resist’.”

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