M.I.A. launches Patreon account to share short films, art, live recordings, more

The account has two possible tiers available.

Earlier this week, M.I.A. teased something mysterious and has since released an announcement about her future plans. While it will not be an album, like many expected, but a Patreon account that promises to release short films, documentary footage, art, live recordings, and Q&As.

“I’ve tried all the other platforms and it’s like: this one is too mean and hateful, this one is too fake and self-obsessed, and this one just sells all your data to Cambridge Analytica…” M.I.A. told Rolling Stone. “I want to get back to using the internet in a positive way; I don’t want to be an influencer. I want to be a truth dispenser.”

Patreons can subscribe at two tiers, the Arular for $5 and the Kala for $10.

Watch her video announcement below!