Mac DeMarco Arrested At His Own Show

Looks like the police aren't fans of crowd surfing

Mac DeMarco has been wowing crowds all over the world with his rambunctious live shows. You might call him king of the crowd surf. Just weeks ago at his show at The Danforth Music Hall he surfed from the stage to the back wall, climbed up to the balcony, surfed up the seats, then dove back down.

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He tried to do a similar move at his University of Carolina, Santa Barbara show and things didn’t go as smoothly. With help from the crowd, Mac once again climbed on to the ceiling beams and up to the second floor. The police and security guards were sick of the madness caused during the show so they detained Mac in handcuffs and lead him out the doors. Apparently they had no idea he was the lead performer until he was being questioned outside.

Watch Mac make friends with the authorities below: