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Mac DeMarco Doesn’t Actually Know What ‘Dank Memes’ Are

A couple months back, a story was making its rounds in the news when a posting went up on Mac DeMarco’s website looking for an assistant to help run his fan club.

Two postings said they were “looking for a new Fan Club assistant in Brooklyn,” asking for a college student with “experience with in Mailchimp” and “great attention to detail.” The posting also called for applicants to send along their “dankest Mac meme.”

As it turns out, Mac says he knows nothing about Dank memes. According to NME, in an article with Shortlist, he said “I don’t even know what would make a meme dank. What does the word ‘dank’ actually mean?”

“You know what? That story was everywhere,” he added” but that wasn’t even me! I don’t run the club, that was my manager who put that out. I’m not actually after someone to make dank Mac DeMarco memes.”

Maybe he doesn’t know how to make dank memes, but all we can say is that he certainly makes a good subject of one. Check out Mac DeMarco’s best web moments here.

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