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Mac DeMarco is Officially TMZ Famous

You’d probably never expect to see your favourite independent artist on a major celebrity gossip site, but for Mac Demarco, his ever expanding audience seems to have no bounds.

Taking a break from the endless Kardashian / West onslaught of news that dominates TMZ’s channel, photographer Charlie Cotton took some time to share a sighting of his favourite musician to his fellow employees: Mac DeMarco.

Apparently Cotton is a huge fan, and as the story goes, tried to get a photo with Mac a couple weeks ago at a festival. Mac being Mac, had a couple too many beers and started to make out with his girlfriend just as Cotton posed for the photo. It would have been a brilliant snap, except for the photographer, Cotton’s girlfriend, messed up and it came out blurry.

So when the TMZer saw Mac at the airport, he got the Salad Days artist to recreate the photo. Even Mac, the humble indie rocker he is, seems genuinely shocked. Watch the entire exchange here.

Our advice to Cotton would be next time to watch Mac’s definitive guide to living with your partner. Enjoy:

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