Mac DeMarco Live-Streamed A Bunch of New Songs This Weekend

New music shared on Instagram live

A man of the people, that Mac DeMarco is.

This weekend the jizz-jazz artist shared nearly a half-hour worth of new material with fans over Instagram Live. As Noisey reports, YouTube user McGby128 captured the live video and posted it online, even giving the tracks some temporary names.

Listen to the stream, and enjoy the fictional tracklist below:

Made-up tracklisting:
So What, I Drink and Drive
Schmoopy boy
Pepe’s piano
Dad’s night
Chris’s room
One More Love Song DEMO
Very Special K
Buh duduh babuhduh
For the First Time DEMO
Chunky Baby

In May, Mac DeMarco released his fifth studio record This Old Dog, shortly before his camp put out an position for an intern with expert knowledge of “dank memes,” even though DeMarco later said he doesn’t know what those are