Mac DeMarco Shares ‘One More Love Song,’ Announces Fan Fiction Contest

'This Old Dog' singer also appeared on Marc Maron Podcast

For the Big Mac DeMarco fans out there, this week has had its fair share of Mac-related news.

Today, the singer shared a jazzy new tune, “One More Love Song” from his upcoming album This Old Dog before its release next Friday, May 5th.

DeMarco also launched a fan fiction contest this week through his fan club. Running from April 5th through 15th, the singer is asking super fans to submit “a fun, original piece about anything Mac related.” The winner will receive “a drawing of himself/herself with Mac illustrated by one of Mac’s favorite artists, Stefan Marx.” The winner will also be included in Mac’s year-end Fan Club Magazine. If you’re not a member, or looking for more info check the website here.

Mac is also looking to hire an assistant for said fan club. The main stipulation for candidates is that they are “experienced in dank memes.”

Also, Mac was a guests on Marc Maron’s popular WTF podcast alongside Screaming Trees’ Mark Lanegan. Check here for the full interview.