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Mac DeMarco’s Best Web Moments

In celebration of Mac DeMarco’s new album This Old Dog, rather than share our favourite songs of his, we thought it would be appropriate show the moments we fell deeper and deeper in love with the jizz jazz artist. These are the times Mac really let his personality shine through. May we present, Mac DeMarco’s best web moments:

Mac Eats Hot Wings On Hot Ones

Mac tries to remain calm while eating spicy as hell wings on the popular YouTube series Hot Ones. If he had a guard to let down, it would be during this interview.

Rapid fire Questions

Hard hitting questions and intellectual responses are not what I would use to describe this segment, but that’s why it’s hilarious.

Nardwaur Episode

Name a more iconic duo.

“Dave Fuck” (Backer) Skit

If you only watch one video from this list, make it this one. In this completely bizarre, short mockumentary, Mac plays a “Car Backer” in Edmonton named Dave Fuck.

A Date With Mac Demarco

A young Mac DeMarco early in his solo career, gets real on this romantic date, rowing his way through Central Park answering questions.

Indie88’s Snack Demarco

Mac DeMarco chows down on snacks (and big macs) with Brent before his show at the Danforth Music Hall a couple years back.

Making of another one

Nothing will show you Mac’s true weirdness through the ‘Making Of’ video his girlfriend filmed while he was at home recording Another One.

An Uncomfortable Interview with Mac DeMarco

Mac, Brent and Carlin form a spoon train and talk relationships, sad birthdays, and fame in this very uncomfortable interview. It’s worth mentioning, Mac wasn’t uncomfortable — but pay keen attention to Carlin’s face.

I like to watch with Mac Demarco (Conan)

Mac takes a deep dive on Conan, unearthing his favourite videos on YouTube. It really gives you an insight into the inner workings of his mind.

2 Wet Crew: River Crack

If you miss the Internet from 2003, back before YouTube was a thing and eBaum’s World was still cool, you’ll feel a sort of appreciation for this weird comedy short.

Mac DeMarco The Reporter: Live on a Red Carpet

Nothing like Mac interviewing a bunch of Canadian artists at the 2016 Juno awards. Many of which had no idea who he is which makes it so much more pleasing.

What’s in Mac DeMarco’s Bag?

When Brent asked Mac what was in his bag at WayHome last year, he had no idea just how bottomless his canvas tote bag was.

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