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Maggie Rogers returns with upbeat new single ‘That’s Where I Am’

Viral alt-pop artist Maggie Rogers has made her highly anticipated return with a new single, “That’s Where I Am.”

After stepping back to work on her academics, Maggie Rogers is back with “That’s Where I Am.” The track comes from her recently announced album, Surrender, out July 29th via Polydor. The upbeat, maximalist tune boasts some dreamy, layered production and unique overlaid vocals.

Throughout the track, Maggie Rogers sings of her commitment to a love interest that started as a friend. Lyrically, Rogers delivers lines like, “It all works out in the end/ Wherever you go/ That’s where I am.”

Listen to “That’s Where I Am” below.

Surrender sees Maggie Rogers once again teaming up with Kid Harpoon. Kid Harpoon worked on her 2019 debut album, Heard It in a Past Life. Rogers recently released a brief album trailer, co-directed by Michael Scanlon, which features new music.

“When I’m angry, or in love, I feel it in my teeth,” Maggie Rogers says in the clip. “Strange harmonic buzzing. Cuts through my hands. My jaw. My breast bone. For a long time I fought it. Resisted. Held up my fists. Tried to hold the current. Foolish. I found peace in distortion. A chaos I could control. Turned the drums up real loud hoping they could shock me back in. Break the numbness. Let the bright lights drag me out.”

The album boasts 12 tracks, and today’s “That’s Where I Am” serves as the lead single.

The new album was recorded in Rogers’ parents’ garage, New York’s Electric Lady Studios, and Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios.

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