Majical Cloudz Are Breaking Up

The duo feel it is "the completion of something very positive."

Majical Cloudz have formally announced they are calling it quits. The duo released a lengthy Tumblr post on March 4 explaining the break up. You can read the full post here.

Devon Welsh and Matt Otto explain that they “both feel it to be the completion of something very positive” and thank their fans for supporting them all these years.

The duo will be completing their own separate personal projects. Welsh says he plans to new release music under his own name and perform solo this year. Otto will also release new music under The Dalia and is currently composing a film soundtrack and producing records.

Welsh and Otto first performed together in March 2012. Majical Cloudz will perform one last time together on Thursday, March 10th at La Sala Rossa in Montreal.

You can revisit some of their music below:

(Photo by Anna Hanks. )