10 Ways You Can Make An Impact On Earth Day

Not recycling is kind of trashy

It’s Earth Day, and there are tons of things to do take make Toronto a healthier environment for all! There are little changes that all of us can do to contribute to a greener planet. Here are some small ways you can make a big impact this coming Earth Day!

Buy local and organic

When you go to your nearby grocery store or farmers’ market, buy some produce that doesn’t use synthetic herbicides and pesticides. These chemicals are not only bad for the environment but can also have negative effects on your body.
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use your green bin

It’s astounding how many people still neglect to use their green bin, considering nearly 50 per cent of all household waste is compostable. Instead of ending up in a landfill, organic material is collected and processed into compost to be used in parks and gardens across the city. For more information about what goes into the green bin, check here.


conserve water

A fairly easy way to help the planet is to cut back on your water usage as much as you can. This can be simple things like taking a shorter shower or using a shorter wash cycle on your laundry machine. Did you know turning the tap off when you brush your teeth can save up to five gallons of water a day? A little change goes a long way.

recycle your old tech

How many of you still have your old school slider phone or MP3 player just chilling in a drawer? Instead of throwing it out to end up in landfills, bring it to one of Recycle My Electronics‘ drop off locations! It’s safer than ending up in a wasteland PLUS it’s a positive for the environment. Here is a full list of all accepted items.

Switch to online billing

Turn off paper billing and go green this earth day! It may shock you how much switching to online billing can help the planet. Every household that opts out of paper billing can save 23 pounds of wood, cutting 29 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions on a yearly basis.

Plant native flowers and help the bees

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Another way to save the bees this earth day is to plant some native flowers. Flowers not only help provide food and shelter for wild bees, but native flowers help the native bee species! Black eyed Susans as well as coneflowers are native to Ontario and are a great start in helping Ontario bees.

Replace your bulbs

Here’s a bright idea: this Earth Day change your lightbulbs! You can make a big difference by switching up your old standard bulbs for new compact fluorescent light bulbs. CFL bulbs are not only up to 10 times brighter than your standard bulb, but three times more energy efficient.

Replace your beef burger with a veggie one

Sorry to any of you self-proclaimed carnivores, but cutting down your meat intake is a key way to help the enviornment. According to Oxford University, if people were on plant-based diets it would cut food-related emissions by 70 per cent. We’re not asking you to quit right away, but maybe start to slowly introduce plant-based meals into your diet once and a while!

Buy sustainable fish

70 per cent of our planet is covered with water, which is why we should be doing more to keep our oceans, lakes, and rivers clean. As the global demand for fish rises, more and more is it important for us to move towards buying sustainable seafood. Not only are you helping local fisheries, but purchasing sustainably farmed fish helps rebuild endangered species of fish. By alleviating the pressure put on wild fisheries, fish populations are able to grow and rebuild.


Carpool with friends or take your bike

Get that carbon emissions number down and save on gas money by carpooling with friends to work. You could also get your exercise on by riding your bike to live the ultimate, sustainable lifestyle!