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‘Making a Murderer’ lawyer Kathleen Zellner reveals who she thinks is the real murderer

Making a Murderer lawyer Kathleen Zellner has just revealed who she believes is the murderer in a new interview with The Daily Star.

After the latest season of the Netflix show highlighted other potential suspects in the case, Zellner, Steven Avery’s defense lawyer, has revealed that Bobby Dassey may be the major alternative suspect and that his mother Barb “has to know more.” Over the course of the investigation, Bobby has continuously denied any involvement with the murder.

“Bobby has testified at a trial that Teresa Halbach has walked towards Steven’s trailer and that was the last he saw her,” Zellner explains. “Amazingly on Facebook, (and we put this in our plea), Barb said she talked to Bobby and he said, ‘I had seen her on the property but I never saw her walk towards Steven’s.'”

Zellner also asserted that Barb erased pornographic material from the Dassey family computer, which was primarily used by Bobby.

“I think she has to know more for this reason,” Zellner states. She also claims to have an affidavit from the older Dassey brother, Brian, saying that Bobby’s trail testimony was false, and that he did in fact see Teresa leave the property. She also asserts that she has an affidavit from Blaine stating that Bobby lied when he testified that Steven had burned a trash bag in his burn barrel where the remnants of the phone were found.

Zellner further claims that the blood found in Steven’s sink was removed by “the real killer” rather than the police. She states that only the killer would know that the blood was not Teresa’s, and that’s why they removed it. Apparently the only person that would have known it was Avery’s cut was Bobby and Brendan Dassey because they saw Avery’s cut split open while moving the Dassey trailer.

“So the only person left there was Bobby Dassey and that’s the night the blood was removed and the Dasseys had a key to Steven’s trailer and Steven saw the taillights once he was exiting the property,” Zellner explained. “So he he has to have removed the blood and I think because he did that he’s got to be involved in the murder.”

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