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Making A Murderer Update: New Information About Teresa Halbach’s RAV4

The hype surrounding the ten-part Netflix docu-series Making A Murderer may have fizzled, but the case still mystifies us.

Articles and blog posts fueled by conspiracy theorists that once flooded our feeds seemed to halt once Steven Avery was granted his new attorney, Kathleen Zellner – until now.

New reports suggest that the Avery’s neighbour may have some vital information. Freelance photojournalist Jeff Klassen sat down with Wilmer Siebert, who lives on the southeast side of Avery’s Auto Salvage, for Algoma Photo & Story.

The new witness claims that days before Teresa Halbach’s car was found on Avery’s property, he recounts seeing a RAV4 followed by a white jeep enter the yard. He allegedly witnessed the cars driving at “about 40 miles an hour”, which was unusual on that kind of road. After about a half hour, the white jeep came back solo. Shortly followed by Halbach’s RAV4 discovered on the Avery’s property.

The witness is said to have no close ties with Avery or his family.

July 9th marked Avery’s 54th birthday. Zellner took to Twitter to wish Avery a “Happy Birthday”, reiterating her client’s innocence.

Zellner has yet to commented on Siebert’s account.

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