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Mallsoft is the New Elevator Music

Since the invention of call waiting, elevators and shopping malls, music has been designed to pass the time while getting to the next task. But a newer version of this concept is “Mallsoft.” According to a Reddit site dedicated to the idea, Mallsoft uses “ethereal, vague music that is very easily looped as ‘background’ music.”

The major difference is Mallsoft music isn’t meant to get stuck in one’s head immediately but possibly returns to your memory days or even weeks later.

The growth of the genre isn’t going away as some sites and creators have cashed in on the music thanks to big name corporations (LensCorp International for one) particularly in Japan and Korea getting in on the rather generic genre.

Here are a handful of songs or albums deemed to embody the idea of Mallsoft.

Dream Catalogue — “Jade Statues Executive Suite”

This piece runs between four and five minutes and sounds like the score to a bad ’80s drama starring David Hasselhoff. At times ominous but rather synth-laced, the song seems to have a bit of punch near the homestretch but is something that most likely won’t be trending on Twitter anytime soon.

Operant Future — “Mixtape”

This track is obviously not for everyone at nearly 30 minutes. But there is plenty of “chillaxing” going on over that time. With a short piano loop, horns and vocal samples about “going back to the same old dream,” it’s easy to let it sink into your mind. From there it veers into rap that leaves the listener somewhat baffled.

Pastel Lounge LLC — “Dream Vacation”

A full album from Pastel Lounge shows Mallsoft in its optimal style – light, airy but somehow making an imprint on you. Think of a piece of music that either Moby or Yanni might have collaborated on and it should come a bit more into focus. Song titles that don’t exactly roll off the tongue include “Pre-Flight Baggage Management Ritual” and “The Local Time In Shanghai Is 5:11 P.M.”

Disconscious — “Matress Store”

This song is from Disconscious’ album Hologram Plaza. And it seems to harken back to old-school hotel lobby or shopping mall muzak. Oozing with schmaltz and destined for lounge music nirvana, “Matress Store” would either annoy you immediately make you crack a grin at what passed for pseudo-ear candy back in the ’70s and ’80s.

CVLTVRE — “Platinum Weather”

Forgot the weatherman who is on a loop waving his arms in the video. This tune has a bit of pop and punch to it thanks to the ’70s disco/funk vibe propelling it along. Possibly one of the better Mallsoft offerings around and one that could stick in your head as a guilty pleasure.

(Photo by jpellgen via Flickr)

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