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Man buys nude painting of Stephen Harper for $20,000

Before you ask, no Stephen Harper did not pose for this painting, and no that maple leaf is not part of the original image.

Painted by Margaret Sutherland, entitled Emperor Haute Couture, the image depicts Stephen Harper completely nude (almost pulling a George Costanza), with his dog sitting by while. He’s being served a Tim Hortons coffee while people stand around and watch.

Frederick Ghahramani of Vancouver is the man who purchased the painting, for a whopping $20,000. “It’s not about the nudity” he says. “It’s a good way of capturing — and I think the artist has done an excellent job of capturing the mood of the last 10 years, where you have basically had a whole group of people in Canada … who felt silenced, whether they are government ministers down to scientists, down to public servants,” Ghahramani told CBC.

If that name sound familiar, that’s because Ghahramani is the man who made political headlines when he donated $1 million to repeal Bill C-51, according to Vice.

While the image originally was posted for $8,000, he generously more than doubled the offer.

“Every time I look at it I burst out laughing,” Ghahramani said. “I do that with all biting political satire. I also understand that it doesn’t come from a vulgar point of making fun of the prime minister. It comes from a very dark, depressing point.”

What do you think? Is it funny, offensive or both? Let us know in the comments.

As well, click here to see the NSFW original image.

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