Man Captures Own Car Accident On Camera While Belting Out Christian Rock

Jesus take the wheel

James Corden needs to learn from this guy’s misfortunate.

Your car’s front seat is a sanctuary for exercising your pitchy vocals, spewing profanity at other drivers, and dropping french fries that will be found months later.

Travis Carpenter decided he wanted to capture the front seat magic, and record himself traveling from Indianapolis to Whitewater, Wisconsin, of course rocking out to his favourite Christian tune. That all went down hill (literally) when his vehicle hydroplaned off the slippery road and sped full force down an inclined road.

Thankfully, the driver walked drove away uninjured, but judging by bloodcurdling scream that expelled from his vocal chords, it might have been a close call. However, by the end of the 26 second clip, he seemed pretty calm as he adjusts his glasses and catches a quick glimpse of the coffee that propelled out of the cup holders and rained down upon the car seats as the vehicle spun out.

Carpenter managed to capture entire spine-chilling incident on a car camera. Check out the terrifying footage in the player above.