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Man finds what appear to be shrimp tails in a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

On Monday, comedian Jensen Karp shared a photo to Twitter of what he says are shrimp tails that came out of his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch breakfast cereal. No, seriously.

And folks, this story only gets weirder. Karp engaged in some back-and-forth with the beloved cereal’s Twitter account, in which General Mills claimed the objects were simply “an accumulation of cinnamon sugar.” Mr. Karp was not having it.

On a friend’s suggestion, Karp took a deeper dive into the bag and reported “shrimp skins-looking things,” “a small string” and some black spots on various pieces of the cereal.

Karp declined offers from General Mills to replace the box, while also turning down a suggestion to take the box of seemingly tampered with cereal to local law enforcement. General Mills insists that the strange items could not have ended up in the box during its manufacturing process.

“While we are still investigating this matter, we can say with confidence that this did not occur at our facility,” Mike Siemienas, a representative for General Mills, told The New York Times. “We are waiting for the consumer to send us the package to investigate further. Any consumers who notice their cereal box or bag has been tampered with, such as the clear tape that was found in this case, should contact us.”

Karp, a comedian, insists this is not a joke.

“I’m a comedy writer, but like, there’s no joke here,” he said. “To take down my favourite cereal brand? I don’t even know why that’s a funny joke. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s the only cereal I eat. I own the Kyrie Irving Cinnamon Toast Crunch Nikes.”

So, a curious case of crustacean pieces ending up in a box of cereal or a classic case of tampering? Now we wait for answers.

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