Man Gets Job After Toronto Officer Buys Him Outfit He Was Trying to Steal

Teen who allegedly attempted to steal clothes for job interview lands the position

The story of the Toronto police officer who purchased a dress shirt for a local teen after the boy had attempted to steal it has come full circle. The 18-year-old Toronto man was allegedly caught attempting to shoplift an outfit from a Walmart in Toronto’s north-end last week for the purpose of wearing it a job interview. The boy was released without charges and Const. Niran Jeyanesan paid for the clothing.

The teen has reportedly landed the service industry job he was seeking.

Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook, a Toronto police representative, told the Toronto Star that the young man called Jeyanesan last week to let him know that he got the job and will begin working Monday.

“There was already a sense of pride and admiration that I had toward the officer’s actions to begin with,” Douglas-Cook said. “(It) just added to it that much more when I heard the end result of how his actions have paid off thus far.”