Man released from prison after 44 years experiences what it’s like to travel to the future

Otis Johnson sees the world through the eyes of the '60s

Seeing the the world for the first time after nearly fifty years would be a completely jarring experience. Why are all these people talking to themselves, and what are these devices they’re looking at? 50 years of technology combined with the age of the internet, would seem like time travel to most. And for Otis Johnson, that’s exactly what he experienced.

When he was 25, Johnson was sentenced to 44 years in prison for assaulting a police officer. Nearly fifty years later in 2014, as a 69-year-old man he was released. He was handed $40 and two bus tickets and sent on his way.

There’s no crash course the past fifty years, — you’re kicked to the curb and expected to blend right in.

Johnson traveled with Al Jazeera around parts of the States experiencing his country for the second first time, documenting his adjustment into the world again and keeping his emotions in check. “You know I have to let things go because holding onto anger will only stagnate your growth and development,” he says. “Even though I did the time I don’t feel that society owes me anything.”

Check out the video in the player above.

What would you do after fifty years away from the world?