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Map Compares Average Toronto Home Prices by Neighbourhood

There’s no question Toronto’s housing market has gotten out of hand lately. Right now is not a good time to buy a house if you’re looking to go cheap, but if you are in the market for one you better check this new map that identifies Toronto’s cheapest neighbourhoods to buy in.

Using data collected over the past six months, SkyViewSuites was able to build this infographic showing the approximate cost of homes in each Toronto Neighbourhood. On their website, you can also see what the ratio of homes to apartments each area has, using data collected from the 2011 census.

Blue indicates the cheapest areas, under $700,000 for a home, while orange show areas with an average of above $1,000,000. Removing the top and bottom 10 per cent from the final averages, they point out that Regent Park remains the cheapest area to buy in, while Forest Hill South is the most expensive.

But if you are looking for homes, data suggests that the average Toronto home costs a whopping $950,000, so be prepared to shell out.

Image courtesy agreatcapture via Instagram

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