Medical Marijuana Coffee Pods are coming to Canada

Somethings brewing for medical marijuana users

One Canadian company is bringing a new roast to Canadian coffee cups.

CANNCUP is the latest and greatest in Marijuana-laced over the counter products. It’s a single serving coffee pod to be used for Keurig-like coffee machines, made by Medical Marijuana product manufacturer CannTrust.

Eric Paul, the company’s CEO explained that each cup will be laced with “a standardized dose of medical marijuana.” Each cup will sell for $3-4, which is comparable to prices of high-end coffee shops.

Though CannTrust is fully operational, they are currently waiting for approval from the government. Until recently, Medical Marijuana users couldn’t consume the drug via oils and leaves, but that changed after a court ruling in June, reports CBC.

However, the ruling still does not apply to edibles like brownies and coffees. “We’ve got a change in government and I believe we will see changes in regulations,” Paul added.

Health Canada responded, saying they are currently “working to determine if these pods would be permissible.” One concern is the delayed reaction that comes from edibles, rather than the almost immediate effect that comes from smoking.

Edibles would allow dosages to be taken discreetly and could be consumed inside, rather than finding designated smoking areas for smokables.

While we wait on a decision, let us know what you think in the comments.