Mark Hoppus Addresses Blink-182 Rumors

“Tom doesn’t want to be in Blink-182. It’s obvious.”

Blink 182 continued their very public breakup this week through all available media outlets. After Delonge’s tell-all to fans on his Facebook page earlier this week, Blink-182 bandmate Mark Hoppus is responding, denying all rumours including the one that he and Delonge ever considered replacing drummer Travis Barker (tweet below).


Hoppus sat down with the Alternative Press this week for what will hopefully be the final instalment of the band’s prolonged separation. Hoppus refuted any claims of Delonge’s sincerity or devotion to the band, stating:

“I know it’s confusing for people, but only as much as it’s confusing for us, because for Tom to insist that he loves Blink-182 or whatever it is, I think that his actions speak much louder than what he posts online.”

As for the upcoming March 22nd show, Delonge’s spot will be filled by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba, a close friend of Blink-182. It hasn’t been confirmed who will be the permanent new Blink-182 frontman, but Hoppus seems to be embracing the uncertain future of the band, “I love where we started. I love where we’re going. I feel very relieved somehow. Everything is out in the open and everyone can do what they want to do.”

Read the rest of the interview here.