Mars Is Covered In Toxic Chemicals That Can Kill Living Organisms

Well, there goes our backup plan.

A new experiment with the soil on Mars show that an ultraviolet light which shines across the planet is turning compounds into potent bactericides. Basically, the surface of Mars is being sterilized and living organisms are being wiped out.

This affects a few things, the most important being that we are not going to be living on Mars anytime soon. The second is that it becomes a lot more difficult to find signs of alien life. Researchers will have to dig deep under the layers of the surface to find signs of past or present life. It’s possible that alien life could be uncovered a few meters deep underneath the soil, said Jennifer Wadsworth, a postgraduate astrobiologist at Edinburgh University to The Guardian.

The research that Wadsworth performed came from the fact that powerful oxidants, perchlorates, were found in Mars’ soil years back.

The unfortunate research shows that the surface of Mars is a lot more difficult than initially perceived. Maybe you can’t grow potatoes on Mars like we were led to believe.