Mars Volta frontman claims his dog was killed by scientologists protecting ‘That ’70s Show’ actor Danny Masterson

Bixler-Zavala was formerly a member of the Church Of Scientology himself

Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala had to put down his family dog yesterday, who ate rat poison, and now Bixler-Zavala is claiming that Scientologists protecting That ’70s Show actor Danny Masterson were behind the animal’s death.

After Masterson faced several sexual assault allegations from Bixler-Zavala’s wife Chrissie Carnell Bixler and several other women, Bixler-Zavala is now making claims against the Church Of Scientology, which he was formerly a member of.

“I’m at the vet dealing with another hurt animal,” Bixler-Zavala wrote on Instagram, alongside a photograph of rat poison rolled up in raw meat. “This is what I’ve been finding in my front and backyard. This is what scientology does when you speak about the predators they protect … This is my 2nd dog we’ve had to put down due to the harassment from private investigators and Scientologists. This only makes us stronger.”

Bixler-Zavala added a lengthy statement in a follow-up post called “Danny Masterson is a violent serial rapist. He and his church will do anything to cover up his crimes.”

Read the full statements below.

Lead photo courtesy of Biha.