Marvel is looking to cast their first openly gay superhero

The character will be part of the 2020 film, 'The Eternals'

Marvel is reportedly looking to cast their first openly gay superhero, according to That Hashtag Show.

During the 2018 promotion for Ant-Man And The Wasp, Marvel president Kevin Feige announced that the studio was working toward introducing an LGBTQ+ character into their cinematic universe in the forthcoming 2020 film, The Eternals.

Now, Marvel has revealed more details of what they’re looking for, announcing that they’re looking for an actor who “physically looks like a superhero,” according to That Hashtag Show, and is between age 30 and 49. Although they do not have a preference over the actor’s ethnicity, they’re hoping to cast an openly gay actor.

The Eternals are a team of superheroes, composed of characters like Ikaris, Piper, and Sersi, but the identity of the gay character has not yet been revealed. It is yet to be announced whether this will be a completely new character, or one that has been seen in the comic books in previous years.

The Eternals is scheduled to start shooting in September, with a proposed 2020 release.