Marvin Gaye’s Family Wants to Stop “Blurred Lines” Sales

"They started this war and we just finished it."

For what felt like forever, the masses couldn’t stop humming Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” But, recently, Marvin Gaye’s family won a copyright suit that saw Thicke and Pharrell pay $7.3 million for the song’s similarities to Gaye’s 1977 hit “Got To Give It Up.”

Now, Gaye’s family is looking to stop all sales of “Blurred Lines” until an agreement regarding future sales can be reached. The attorney who represents the Gaye family, Richard Busch, said they’ll be asking for an injunction in about a week.

“We’ll be asking the court to enter an injunction prohibiting the further sale and distribution of ‘Blurred Lines’ unless and until we can reach an agreement with those guys on the other side about how future monies that are received will be shared,” he said.

Throughout the lawsuits, which even saw a judge prohibiting the family from playing “Got To Give It Up” for the jury, Busch says the family experienced some difficult times. He says his concern is that he doesn’t want the lawsuit to tarnish the Gaye’s image. “I just want to let the readers know that we didn’t start this fight,” Busch told Rolling Stone. “They sued us, taking a declaration of non-infringement. They started this war and we just finished it.”

Listen to the similarities below: