Massive Rubber Duck Is making Its Way to Toronto

Holy Quack

We’re not ducking around.

This year’s Redpath Water Festival calls for a giant rubber ducky for all to see. If you’re not from The Six don’t worry, the giant rubber ducky is en route all over Ontario, making its way to Amertstburg, Brockville, Midland, Sault Ste. Marie & Owen Sound, this summer!

If you were wondering just how giant this rubber ducky is going to be, we were curious as well. A casual 61 feet tall, 79 feet wide and 89 feet long. That’s 30,000 pounds of squeaky goodness.

The rubber duck is a copycat version of an original piece of art from The Netherlands, created by artist Florentijn Hofman.

Keep your eyes peeled for an XL yellow floating friend by the lake from July 1-3, this summer!

Feature photo courtesy of Facebook.