Matt and Kim Release “Hoodie On”

Welcome to the comfort zone

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places, like from that grey hoodie your mom got you from Marshall’s when you were 12 on that trip to Florida and have refused to throw out since.

The sovereign couple of teen culture, Matt and Kim, have just released a music video for a new song inspired by their favourite loungewear, “Hoodie On”. Coming from their forthcoming album New Glow, their latest song is a laid back electronic-inspired anthem for fellow comfort seekers. Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino are shown skateboarding around Philadelphia doing sweet ollies and tricks (stuff that you can’t do in a suit and tie) and having an all-around good time.

Composed of some simple drum samples and clean catchy vocals, “Hoodie On” is about as comfy as…wearing a hoodie. This song, along with the rest of New Glow, comes out April 7th.

New Glow Tracklist:

01. Hey Now
02. Stirred Up
03. Can You Blame Me
04. Hoodie On
05. Make A Mess
06. Killin Me
07. World Is Ending
08. Get It
09. Not Alone
10. I See Ya