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Matt Costa | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

Matt Costa’s 2018 record Santa Rosa Fangs marks his first proper full-length release in nearly five years. In the time since his 2013 self-titled album, the revered Californian singer-songwriter has been busy travelling the globe, recording with Belle and Sebastian, recording the score for the film Orange Sunshine, and releasing a string of genre-bending EPs.

“These new songs went back to a traditional sense, and when stripped back to their purest form, they still work,” explained Costa in a press release. “They tell a story, the melodies aren’t leaning on anything, and they make instrumentation around them come to life in a new way, but their core is strong. My goal for the EP’s was to develop conceptual ideas, making each one in a short period and with their own concepts; Orange Sunshine was a bigger exercise in that. Now, this record is all of those things I was exercising come into their own.”

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