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Matt Hart’s Halloween Horror Flick Picks

Halloween is generally not my favourite holiday as I don’t do costumes, but I DO love horror flicks. It’s a good excuse to binge on gore and unsettling tales of spookiness.

This year the Great Pumpkin comes on a Monday so what better excuse to have a marathon of movies that will make you feel terrible. Horror is just as subjective as music so what scares you might not scare me and vice-versa so please chime in with your faves in the comments! Here are a few of my recent top picks to keep you up all night.

Train To Busan

The zombie genre has been done to death so it’s always refreshing to see a movie that re-injects some life into the undead. If a horde of fast zombies on a train barreling through the Korean countryside sounds up your alley you won’t be disappointed by this recent release.

Under The Shadow

This Iranian film takes place during the Iran-Iraq war in 1988 and is terrifying for a few reasons; it gives us a glimpse into the horrors of war and unleashes middle eastern ghoul(s) the Djinn. If you liked The Babadook (I did) this will be up your alley.


Blair Witch

This sequel is deeply flawed but has some great scares (even if there are FAR too many jump scares) and the sound design is brilliant. The original Blair Witch Project remains one of the greatest horror films ever in my books and this film is basically just a turbo-charged remake with better looking actors but it’s still a lot of fun. If you haven’t seen the original it’s a great way to ruin camping for the rest of your life.


Bone Tomahawk

This isn’t really a horror flick for the first two thirds but when things kick off, boy do they get graphic! This was a really pleasant surprise and it defies classification. A Western cannibal flick? That’s the best description I can give without saying too much.


Don’t Breathe

Directed by the same guy who did the Evil Dead reboot this tense home invasion thriller has some pretty extreme moments. Bonus point for the use of the scariest dog since Cujo.



These two French new wave horror flicks are my absolute favorites but be warned, they will break you.

Inside (a l’interieur)



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