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Matt Mays Opens 3 Night Stand At Horseshoe

Last night east coast rocker Matt Mays kicked off the first of 3 shows at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern. For three straight nights Mays posts up at ‘The Shoe’ to help celebrate their 66th anniversary. The intimate venue was packed tight just after the opening band Ladies Of The Canyon finished their set. There was just enough time to grab a quick drink and settle into prime standing territory before craziness ensued. The energetic crowd lost their minds as Matt and his band took the stage and started their set with “Tall Trees”. It was one giant sing-a-long from start to finish and with so much energy it makes you wonder how he plans to do this for three nights in a row.

Join in the insanity by checking out the final two shows Tonight and Tomorrow at the Horsehoe.

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