Matt’s Best Flicks of 2014

Catch up on the best flicks of 2014

The Babadook
This terrifying debut from Aussie director Jennifer Kent was one of the most unique movies of the year. A mother and her son are taunted by an increasingly menacing presence in their house after finding a disturbing children’s book. It was shot beautifully and is easily one of the year’s best.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays an unlikeable creep who chases accidents and sells his footage to local news stations. His robotic, sociopathic portrayal of a single-minded jerk who only cares about success is flawless.

Blue Ruin
This revenge flick ended up on a lot of year end lists for good reason. It depicts violence as something that ruins lives and rarely settles scores. I can’t wait to see what director Jeremy Saulnier does to follow up this shocker.

Under The Skin
Scarlett Johanssen plays some kind of angel of death/alien in this dark thriller. She roams the countryside picking up men and luring them to their death back at her inter-dimensional portal/cute apartment. The less you know about this one, the better – but beware, it has some pretty disturbing content.

Cold In July
This one was a lot of fun to watch. It looked great, had an awesome score, and twists for days. It centres around an unassuming family man who ends up using lethal force on an intruder and the consequences that follow.