Matt’s Best Indie Flicks of 2014 (so far)

Blue Ruin, The Dirties, Cheap Thrills, The Borderlands, The Raid 2

I love nerding out on movies almost as much as I love nerding out on music. Almost. This year has already had some some unbelievable releases and the second half of the year has quite a bit to live up to. I often have friends ask me to recommend good movies to watch so add these off-the-beaten path treasures to your rainy day viewing list. Enjoy!

Blue Ruin
This is a revenge thriller gone wrong. It depicts violence as something that ruins lives and definitely doesn’t settle scores. I can’t wait to see what director Jeremy Saulnier does to follow up this shocker.


The Dirties
A black comedy about a school shooting is pretty hard to pull off but director Matt Johnson (of Nirvana The Band The Show, the best Toronto comedy series since Kids In The Hall) handles the tricky subject matter with grace and sensitivity. It’s funny, it’s bleak, it’s angsty and it’s a must-see.


Cheap Thrills
Not for the faint of heart, this is a black comedy/thriller that will leave you shaken. The movie asks the question “how far will you go for money?” and finds the answer in a series of escalating dares. Just, wow.


The Borderlands
I’m a big horror movie guy and I don’t know how this one got by me. What seems like a straightforward religious horror takes a very nasty turn and ends with one of the most claustrophobic scenes in recent memory.


The Raid 2 (and The Raid)
I’m not big into action movies but this is some next level stuff. Normally I get pretty tired of intricately choreographed fight scenes after the second one in a movie but I’ve never seen anything like the Raid series. The first one set the bar ultra high but the sequel grabbed that bar and smashed it over some dude’s head. This series is bonkers.