Matt’s Essential Cottage Albums

8 albums to soundtrack the perfect cottage day

I’m heading on holidays very soon and that means a week at the cottage. For me the soundtrack to a cottage vacation is almost as important as the boozing, loafing and overeating. I have listed a few of my fave cottage records and placed them throughout a typical day in the Muskokas/Kawarthas etc. Enjoy, and don’t try to contact me this week….I’m off the grid!


Fleet Foxes – S/T
This record is morning perfection. Whether you’re still up watching the sun rise or you’re just getting up. Put this album on while you make your coffee or Caesar and enjoy the gorgeous harmonies reverberating across the lake.


Beach House – Teen Dream
A near perfect album for getting your day going without being too overwhelming. This one does a great job of slowly helping you come to your senses.


Mid -Day

1. Swimming/dockside: Beach Boys- Pet Sounds
This record will give you that beach feel even if you’re lounging on a floating dock. It’s one of the best albums ever made and perfect for the sweltering heat.

Advanced Mode: Beach Boys – Sunflower


2. Driving into town for supplies: Wavves – King Of The Beach
This album of bratty surf -wave power pop will be perfect for ripping through the countryside in your rental. Bonus points for cranking it at IGA while the locals call you a dirty hipster.


Late Night Hype

If you’re partying at the cottage and maybe a friend has brought up a little “somethin’ somethin’” now is the time to switch up the mood. Time to bump some beats and let the stars melt a bit.

The Avalanches – Since I Left You
We’re still waiting for the follow up (it’s been 14 years since they dropped this monster) but this groundbreaking, sample heavy party record is a crowd pleaser. Damn Craig, I think I’m feeling it!


Tanlines – Mixed Emotions
More fun dance music for your second noise complaint of the night! Even if you’re not a synth-pop fan, this record is basically just a great indie rock album with glowsticks. Hardly any reason to have to get up and skip a song. Time to do it all again tomorrow!


ALTERNATE FOR ROCKERS: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today
For those looking for night music with less drum machine. Psychedelic Yacht Rock at it’s finest.