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Matt’s Favourite Films From 2013

In addition to being a music nerd, I am also super into movies and thought I would share my favourite flicks from 2013. Here is my list of the films I found to be the most entertaining in the past 12 months.

1. Pacific Rim

I realize that this isn’t Citizen Kane but Guillermo Del Toro directing giant monsters fighting giant robots is a dream come true for me. The story and dialogue are tacked on but, dude, did I mention that the monsters and robots were GIANT!!??


2. Zero Dark Thirty

I loved this movie because of the glimpses into the clandestine world of CIA operations it provides. It’s tense, frustrating and unflinching in it’s depictions of torture. (I know this came out in the last week of 2012, but whatevs, cut me some slack ok? Close enough)


3. The Banshee Chapter

I’m a horror nerd and this was the scariest thing I saw all year. Though not in theaters yet, it will be released online on December 12th. This is a DMT-fueled, paranoid freak-out up the vein of Jacob’s Ladder. Banshee has some great performances and it’s sure to stick with you after the credits roll.


4. A Field In England

Directed by Ben Wheatley who did one of my favorite movies 2011 (Kill List) this is an abstract gem about a lost platoon during the English civil war. The black and white treatment makes the movie look amazing and very psychedelic. Trippy stuff.


5. Willow Creek

Bobcat Goldthwait directing a found footage horror film about the search for the Sasquatch? Sounds terrible, right? It’s not. I caught this at the Toronto After Dark film fest and it was awesome. The characters are likeable and easy to relate to so when the stuff hits the fan it’s even more terrifying. Just watch it next time you’re looking for something freaky.

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