Matt’s Favourite Picture Discs

A few examples of the best picture discs in history

Vinyl is back in a huge way. It was announced last month that United Record Pressing in Nashville (North America’s largest producer of vinyl) was expanding its operations by 50% just to keep up with demand for albums. The artwork is bigger, the sound is warmer, there are so many reasons to own a turntable right now.

This resurgence in vinyl has also brought back one of the coolest trends for collectors and fans alike; the picture disc. This is an album that features art on the record itself. Here are a few examples of the best picture discs in history.

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters single
Super nostalgic and just straight up fun, this disc features the classic Ghostbusters logo. I love when they mess with the shape of the record too!

Blondie – Parallel Lines
Not only a great album but a great looking record featuring the entire band in their Sunday best.

Lost In Translation Soundtrack
lost in trans
This record has a pretty racy photo (Scarlett Johanssen’s butt from the opening scene) featured but that isn’t the only bonus; the soundtrack is awesome. Tracks by Phoenix, My Bloody Valentine and more!

Quasimoto – Talkin’ Shit 45
Probably one of the best examples of someone painting outside of the lines in vinyl design. Quasimoto is hip hop producer Madlib’s alter ego and the weirdness of this record gives you a glimpse at the weirdness contained in the music.

Michael Jackson – Thriller 25th Anniversary
This record features Michael and handful of Zombies from the “Thriller” video, need I say more?

Daft Punk – Tron OST
This glowing disc was designed to look like the deadly discs Tron throws at his enemies. A super futuristic idea meets a retro format

Fat Boys – S/T Pizza Box
80’s rap crew the Fat Boys take the cake with this brilliant pizza themed record which comes in an actual pizza box. They reissued this for record store day and I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!