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Matt’s Favourite Toronto Hangover Food

If you’re attending CMW or NXNE and like me you have no will power, chances are good that you’ll have a few rough mornings. That “one” beer with friends turns into eight and next thing you know it’s 9a.m. and you’re a salty, confused shell of a man (or woman). Here are a few places that will send your hangover packing, or at least put you back to bed for few hours because you called in sick, right? Pro tip: Cough, cough….really milk that weak sounding voice on the phone.

1. Sneaky Dees
This is a no-brainer to any Torontonian. The Dee has been destroying and creating hangovers for decades and it’s comfortingly consistent. Everyone gets the nachos but their breakfast is pretty sold too. I personally like their underrated “Mexican Sandwiches”, go for the Hot Stuff one. It’s full of beans has a cheese rim. That’s right, cheese rim. Do I need to say more?


2. House on Parliament
Essentially the HOP is just a pub but the food is next level. You can’t find a bad dish on the menu. I like the tourtiere and the burger but it’s literally all good. Get yourself a DIY mimosa with mini bottle of sparkling wine and fresh squeezed OJ and go back to bed.


3. Bristol Yard
This Brit cafe is set to close soon but get in there while you can. Hangover food is basically just comfort food with extra grease. Davy Love’s meat pies with mash will crush your hangover to a mod soundtrack. Davy has a new pub in the works so I’m sure some of his delicious food will make it onto the new menu.


4. Poutini’s
I crave grease when I’m hung and a poutine is basically just grease held together with carbs. This is the most authentic pooter spot I’ve found in the city; Toronto doesn’t really have a great poutine scene. One of these bad boys and you’ll start to open your eyes and have the ability to make out shapes and colors! Yay! You’re alive!


5. Bona Pizza
Pizza is a hangover staple and this is my favourite place in the city. It’s great for hangovers that have crippled you so badly that you can’t leave the house. Old school pizza with infinite toppings, this place is no joke. It’s nice to have a treat like this in the often overlooked east end of our city.

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