Matt’s Top Cheap Summer Wines

Five delicious summer wines for under $10

I like to drink. I mean, it’s summer and everyone is out having fun so it’s hard not to get caught up in spontaneous afternoon drinking sessions from time to time. With increased party frequency comes an increased booze budget, but if you plan it out right you can still drink delicious wine without turning into a broke wino. Here is a list of delicious wines that I will vouch for that go for less than 10 bones. This is my favourite kind of research. Please drink responsibly so we don’t have to take care of your drunk ass all night, OK?

cono_sur_bicicleta_2011_viognier.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxCono Sur Bicicleta Viognier 2011, $9.95
This Chilean Viognier is perfect for people who like a refreshing off-dry white to pair with fish, Thai food, spicy food, sushi….or just on it’s own. This is a go-to summer white for me and it’s under a tenner!
00464388_isVilla Regia 2011, $7.95
This bad boy is under 8 bucks (!) and it’s a perfect versatile red. You can crack this open with pizza, burger, steaks….just about anything. You’re not getting an ultra-complex wine here but it’s cheap and damn tasty like most Portuguese reds.
aveladaAveleda Fonte Vinho Verde, $8.95
Vinho Verde is otherwise known as Portuguese 7-Up. It’s a lot less bubbly and dry that Prosecco or Cava but it is so damn tasty! I go through loads of this in the summer and every time I serve it people ask what it is. Refreshing as all hell.
besosBeso de Vino Old Vine Garnacha $9.95
This is a great, cheap red to chill slightly on a hot day. Very approachable and great with BBQ or on it’s own. I often open this for “a glass” and one thing leads to another if you know what I’m saying. Rated 90 in Wine Spectator to boot!
periquita-original-2012-red-wine-jose-maria-da-fonseca-portugalPerequita $8.95
Another Portuguese charmer from the oldest vineyard in the country. Not much on complexity but it’s like a summer blockbuster movie; you’re looking for Pacific Rim not Snow Falling on Cedars amirite??
calimochoBONUS RECIPE: Calimocho
If you wanna get drunk like a Spanish teenager, try this hobo-sangria that kids all over Spain drink by the gallon:

Take 1 bottle of shitty dry red wine and mix equal parts Coca Cola and serve over LOADS of ice. This sounds like the grossest thing ever but try it if you’re young and reckless. Or just reckless. I love the stuff but beware the dreaded Calimocho hangover…apocalyptic!