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Matt’s Top Swedish Bands

Robyn is in town this weekend and it got me thinking about Sweden and the freakish amount of amazing pop music they produce for a relatively small country. I’ve been lucky enough to tour Sweden extensively with my band Russian Futurists and can only describe it as Utopian. Beautiful people, pristine wilderness, amazing food and most importantly a music scene that is second to none.

Here are a few of my favourite (mostly dance pop) acts.

1. Lo-Fi-Fnk

This duo met in a high school talent contest and make some of the most danceable, and melodic pop I’ve ever heard. Their 2006 album Boylife is highly recommended.


2. The Radio Dept.

Consider this band Sweden’s answer to Stars. Romantic, hazy pop that I dare you not to enjoy. Their entire catalogue is genius, trust me.


3. The Tough Alliance

This bratty duo was infamously banned from most Swedish festivals after showing up beyond wasted and playing tennis racquets as guitars to a prerecorded cd of backing tracks. They are shit disturbers despite their bubblegum pop sound. I like shit disturbers.


4. Peter, Bjorn and John

We opened for this band for much of their European tour and had a blast with these guys. This song has been drilled into your brain for a reason; it’s perfect.


5. Robyn

Standing just 3 apples high, Robyn is one of the biggest stars to emerge from Sweden in decades. For good reason. Her work ethic is second to none and no one goes hard on stage like her. I’m excited to finally catch her live show in person.

6. The Shout Out Louds

Maybe the nicest band I’ve ever met. I remixed them ages ago and they still put me on their guest list every time they come to town. That’s not a humble-brag, it’s a testament to how sweet and friendly most Swedes are.

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