Mayor John Tory says Netflix is interested in opening a Toronto production hub

'They've been in active discussions with our industry, with me'

Netflix appears to be considering creating a production hub in Toronto. According to The Candian Press, when asked about whether the streaming service was interested in expanding to the city, Mayor John Tory suggested it was a very strong possibility.

“I have a very high level of confidence, without betraying confidences that aren’t yet concrete, that they’re going to,” Tory stated in an interview at the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards gala on Tuesday. “They’ve been in active discussions with our industry, with me, about wanting to create one of their hubs here.”

The company already has production facilities in Los Angeles, and just announced new production hubs in Madrid and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Tory stated that last March, he met up with representatives from the streaming giant to speak about their working relationship with Toronto, and he hopes to speak with them again in the next few months.

Although Netflix had no comment on Tory’s statement, in September of 2017 they pledged to spend $500 million funding Canadian productions over five years, which it recently announced that it will exceed.

Tory also said that implications of a Netflix production hub in the city would be quite large, and they’d need to ensure they have enough talent to staff large amounts of projects. Apparently the city of Toronto is currently working with local industry unions and the amount of studio space to increase the amount of qualified cast for future productions.